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Gotta Catch The Mall – Pokemon Go DC Tour

Pokémon GO is taking over the world.

Phone-based augmented reality is now allowing millions of fans of Pokémon to live the dream of going out and catching monsters. Players can be seen in every city walking around, using their phones to spot and capture hidden creatures in countless points of interest. Part of the experience is the effort involved in hatching eggs, an event requiring the user to walk up to ten kilometers (~6.2 miles) to trigger.

Below is a map of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., developed by Grand Atlas Tours to maximize Pokémon locations in a 10km path.

Included in the path:

  1. The White House
  2. Lafayette Square (including Jackson, Lafayette, von Steuben, Kosciuszko, and Rochambeau Memorials)
  3. Blair House
  4. Eisenhower Executive Office Building
  5. Renwick Gallery
  6. DAR Continental Hall
  7. Red Cross Headquarters
  8. First Division Memorial
  9. Organization of American States
  10. Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial
  11. Vietnam Veterans Memorial (including Vietnam Women’s Memorial and the Three Servicemen Statue)
  12. Einstein Memorial
  13. Lincoln Memorial
  14. Korean War Veterans Memorial
  15. District of Columbia War Memorial
  16. World War II Memorial
  17. Washington Monument
  18. National Museum of African-American History and Culture
  19. National Museum of American History
  20. National Museum of Natural History
  21. Freer Gallery
  22. Sackler Gallery
  23. Smithsonian Castle
  24. National Museum of African Art
  25. Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
  26. National Air and Space Museum
  27. National Gallery of Art (East and West Buildings, and the Sculpture Garden)
  28. National Museum of the American Indian
  29. United States Capitol
  30. Library of Congress
  31. United States Supreme Court
  32. Summer House
  33. Civil War Sailors Memorial
  34. Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
  35. Garfield Memorial
  36. United States Botanic Garden
  37. Canadian Embassy
  38. Newseum
  39. National Archives
  40. Navy Memorial
  41. National Portrait Gallery

If 10km is too long of a walk for you, you can opt to join in for a shorter version of this tour this Sunday. #GottaCatchTheMall is focused on bringing Pokemon Go fans together to play on the mall while also pausing for historical facts famous memorials, now second rank to the imaginary Pokemon around the mall.

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Pokestops (points of interest in the Pokemon Go app) can only tell you so much, so let Grand Atlas Tours founder Eric Lewis give you a better appreciation of the memorials as you play.